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Hindu Kush Strain


Hindu Kush Strain

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Hindu Kush Strain

It is a potent pure indica. It is indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The meaning of the word “Kush” is disputed, and has been traced back to a Persian term for “Hindu killer” (in reference to the danger of crossing the inhospitable mountains) as well as to Avestan words meaning simply “water mountain.”

In time, it has, perhaps inevitably, been crossed with other strains. This allows for stability and adaptation to a radically different climate than its mountainous point of origin. It is a relatively pure strain, simpler and often more potent that the novelty crossbreeds that continue to multiply in today’s competitive cannabis market. It is prized for its heavily sedative, almost narcotic properties and its highly resinous flowers. Its THC composition is typically measured at between 15% and 20%.


2 reviews for Hindu Kush Strain

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    good grade, hoping it be same always

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